best refrigerator under 15000

Best Refrigerator Under 15000 -Updated List 2020

Best Refrigerator under 15000


Nowadays refrigerators became the essential appliance for the home whether it is a small or a big family. 

While looking for the best refrigerator in India under 15000, we can find so many classifications and multiple variants.

Below are a few things people check before purchasing the best refrigerator under 15000.

· BEE Rating (5 Star or 4 Star)

· Capacity

· Double door or Single Door

· Company

· Service

List of the Best Refrigerators under 15000

Searching for the Best 5 Star Refrigerator below 15000? if you do, it is possible. 

But the availability of the 5-star refrigerators under 15000 is too less.

Even we have shortlisted and added the best for your information.

What is the Five Star Rating?

The government of India is Embling the symbols for Energy Efficiency.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) Monitors these ratings.

The Rating is from 1 to 5. 

More stars mean more energy saving.

Star Label Description

The below image shows the energy consumption for one year. collected from the source  BEE.

Energy Consumption by Bureau of Energy Efficiency

Why 5 Star Refrigerators? 

· Comparing with the four stars and below rating fridges below 15000, a 5-star freezer consumes less energy.

· Initially, the cost is a bit high, but it is helpful in the long run. I am suggesting you check for the BEE five-star rating.

· When it comes to the five stars, some people confuse, and few think that it is the rating from the customers.

· The reality is the rating given by the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) established by the Indian government.

List of 5 Star Refrigerator Under 15000 RS

There are multiple types of fridges to buy which are

· Double Door

· Single Door

Best Double Door Refrigerators under 15000 in India 5 Star

We have searched and analyzed so many websites and sellers, but the availability of double door Refrigerators is not possible under the 15000 INR.

The fridge with the double door is a bit costly. If you are looking for it, the prices of the 5 Star Double Door Refrigerators are starting from the 25000.

Best Refrigerator under 15000 Single Door with the 5-star Rating

We have analyzed some of the best products. Check and find the latest price of those products.

Finding the Single Door Refrigerator with a budget of 15000 is possible.

1.Whirlpool Refrigerator Under 15000 – 190 Litres (5Star)

As per our findings, Whirlpool is one of the best refrigerators under 15000.

You can go for this product.

The price of this the Whirlpool 5 Star Refrigerator is suitable for all the families small to big.

I suggest you go with this product. It is the best fit for your budget.

This fridge comes with a capacity of 190 Liters.

You can store Vegetables, Fruits, Water, and Cool Drinks at your convenience.

It works without the need for the stabilizer. The guarantee is one year on product and ten years on the compress.

Whirlpool Refrigerator 5 Star under 15000 190 Litre

Price: 14,990/-

What is Good

  1. Best in Ice Making.
  2. Laminar Airflow
  3. Auto connection to a Home invertor
  4. 12 Hours cooling retention
  5. Moisture Lock Crisper

What is Bad

  1. No Box For Onions and Potatoes

2.Whirlpool Single Door Refrigerator -190 Litres 5 Star

A beautiful design of Wine Radiance from Whirlpool is the best for you.
The standard feature is 190 L can give the maximum cooling power to the refrigerator.
Laminary Airflow is one of the advantages of ice-making in the refrigerator.
Cooling retention up to 12 hours will maintain the cold in the refrigerator during the power cut.

Whirlpool Refrigerator Under 15000

Price 14,490/-

What is Good

  1. Smart Inverter Compressor
  2. Energy Efficient
  3. Stylish Design
  4. Fast in Making Ice
  5. Removable Gasket.
  6. Toughened Glass

What is Bad

  1. No Separate Box for onions and potatoes
  2. Manual Defrosting

3.Haier Refrigerator with Single Door -192 litres 5 Star

Haier Refrigerator is with the extra features within this price range. If we are finding the Haier, which comes with the primary function as the one-hour ice technology.

It can make the ice within the 60 minutes.

Its anti-fungal gasket prevents the entry of the bacteria and fungus. The PUF used in the refrigerator reduces the use of more energy. 

Toughened glasses used in this are optimal use for the weights; it bears the burden is 120 kg.

It consumes as little as 128 units of power for one year, and it requires manual defrosting.

Its heavy-duty compressor reduces to the high noise.

The shelves made with the toughened glass are best in bearing the weights of the pots and dishes.

Haier Single Door Refrigerator 5 Star Under 15K

Price 12,999/-

What is Good

  1. PUF technology for energy efficiency and cooling retention
  2. Faster in the Ice making
  3. Stabiliser Free

What is Bad

  1. Need to Defrost manually

The above are the best 5-star refrigerator under 15000 in India

 We have checked and found that Samsung 5 Star Refrigerators are not available under the price of 15000Rs.

If you are not familiar with the above products, you can go for the products which are four stars more energy-efficient after the 5-star fridges under 15000.

Best 4 Star Refrigerator under 15000

These are the more efficient power savers after the 5-star refrigerators. 

These are also good in quality and cooling you can choose this under your budget.

I have analyzed multiple 4-star fridges under 15000. The below list can help you by choosing the correct one without any hassle.

1.Whirlpool Refrigerator 4 Star – Single Door- 190L

This Whirlpool refrigerator is more efficient in power savings. This 190 L fridge comes with a large vegetable crisper. 

And also with the insulated capsulary technology, which helps better efficiency of the compressor. 

The homy comb moisture technology keeps the vegetable fresh.

It also comes with a removable antibacterial gasket.

 You can easily remove and clean and then install it easily.

Its toughened glass is ideal for holding the weights. 

The chiller tray area is easily accessible content, which helps you in keeping the items like refreshing drinks, ice creams, etc.

whirlpool 190 liter 4 star

Price: 13,490/-

What is Good

  1. Insulated Capillary Ice Making Technology 
  2. Super Fast in Ice Making
  3. Auto Connection to Home Inverter
  4. 12 Hours cooling Retention
  5. Removable Gasket

What is Bad

  1. Manual Defrosting

2.Whirlpool 200 L 4 Star ( 2019 ) Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator.

This Whirlpool 200 Liters Refrigerator comes with the BEE 4 Star Ratings. 

It is best suitable for the budget under 13000-14000. It also comes with multiple features like faster ice while comparing with the other models.

It is well enough for small families, couples, and bachelors.

You choose this as the second priority if you are not willing to increase your budget.

Its 200 Liters capacity space will help in keeping fruits, water, cold drinks easily.

Warranty of this Whirlpool Refrigerator is 1 Year for the product and ten years for its compressor

Its masala bin helps you to keep all your masala packs. 

The primary feature of this item is cold retention, 

which means if there is any power cut, also the refrigerator keeps the things cold for 12 hours. 

Whirlpool 4 Star Refrigerator 200 L. Blue Under 15K in India

Price 14,990/-

What is Good

  1. Energy Efficient
  2. Anti-Fungal Gasket
  3. Large Veg.Tray
  4. Laminar Airflow

What is Bad

  1. Require Manual Defrosting

3.Samsung Refrigerator 4 Star -Single Door 192 Liters

Samsung is one of the most famous and best brands.

 Its customer service is super fast.

When reviewing this refrigerator, we found the best feature is digital inverter technology. 

It keeps the fridge noise-free and helps to improve efficiency so that its performance will stay continued for a longer time.

it works with the direct cool technology

It does not require any separate stabilizer a built-in stabilizer controls and adjusts the power efficiently.

It also comes with the toughened glass, and antibacterial gasket means that a gasket is an inside protector like a back cover for a phone.

Its handle type is “island.”

It comes with the stand free so that there is no requirement for a separate position.

Samsung 4 Star Refrigerator 192 Liters in India below 15000 Red flowers

Price: 14,690/-

What is Good

  1. Digital Inverter Compressor to Reduce Noice
  2. Stylish Design
  3. Toughened Glass

What is Bad

  1. Manual Defrosting

4.LG 4 Star Refrigerator Single Door – 190 Liters- Direct Cool

LG listed under the best electronics. 

The product and service are faster and friendly for the customers.

When discussing this LG 4 Star features, 

it consumes less power compared with the other 3 star models.

The best features of this product are a smart inverter compressor. 

It takes just an hour to make the ice. 

It manages the cool in the fridge until 8 hours without power.

On the other hand, there is no need for a separate stand. 

Its silent compressor makes noise-free.

Features like anti Gasket and smart crisper keeps your food fresh every time.

LG Single Door Refrigerator

Price 14,950/-

What is Good

  1. Smart Inverter Compress to Reduce Noise
  2. Fast Ice Making
  3. Anti-Bacterial Gasket

What is Bad

  1. Manual Defrosting

5.Haier 4 Star Refrigerator Single Door -195 Litre

This highly rated refrigerator from higher gives enough features in the budget of 15,000.

Haier is a well-known company in electronic variants.

 The prices are available at competitive market rates. 

The primary feature in this variant is one-hour cooling technology. 

It can make the ice with a short period of 60 minutes.

Its capacity of 195 liters provides you the required space to put all the food items of your family.

This Refrigerator is appropriate for a family of 2-3 members.

The Direct cool is the technology used in this variant to make to the freezer cold.

If you are looking for the savings of your electricity bills, then it is the ideal one that you can afford.

haier 4 star under 15k

Price: 11,990/-

What is Good

  1. Child Lock
  2. Anti-Fungal Gasket
  3. 1 Hr Icing technology
  4. Clean Back
  5. PUF insulation

What is Bad

  1. Manual Defrosting
  2. Some time heat by the side

Best Fridges under 15000 with 3 Star

As I said in the first, these star ratings are not given by customers this rating provided by the BEE. It is government authority.

In the 5 Star and 4 Star fridges under 15000, there are so many models, but we have listed only a few which are best.

If you are looking in the 3-star rating, there are multiple variants with the superb features the only one thing is energy consumption.

If you are not interested in the BEE 5 Star and 4 Star, you can go with the 3 stars. Don’t think these have fewer features.

You can find the below best 3 stars rated Refrigerators under 15000 as below.

1.Whirlpool 190L Direct Cool Single Door 3 Star Refrigerator

This 190Liter Direct Cool Refrigerator Requires Manual Defrosting. This fridge is ideal for the small family of 2-3 members. 

It comes with the shelves which designed with wire its robust performance can hold the weight without any problems

A jumbo bottle pack feature has provided with this. You can keep up to three jumbo refreshing drinks or water bottles at the time. 

This stores up to 6 liters 3 bottles with a capacity of 2 liters

Its manual defrosting systems make you control its temperature. The separate purchase of a stabilizer is not required because it manufactured with the build-in of the stabilizer.

A Chiller provided to keep the milk packets as well as water bottles with ease of use.

Its vegetable tray or vegetable crisper comes with moisture lock technology which keeps the vegetables fresh for a long

As a standard feature, an antibacterial gasket provided to remove and clean. So that you can keep the freezer as hygienic all the time. 

whirpool 3 staar 190 l

Price: 11,250/-

What is Good

  1. Direct Cooling
  2. Chiller Racks for Cool Water up to 6 liter 
  3. Cooling Retention for 9 Hours
  4. Large Capacity of the Freezer
  5. Wire Shelves
  6. Pocket Handle to the smooth operation of the door
  7. Jumbo Bottle Pack
  8. Anti-Fungal Gasket

What is Bad

  1. Manual Defrosting

2. Samsung Refrigerator 212 Liters Single Door Direct Cool 3 Star

In Samsung variants under a 3-star rating, this is one of the best fridges under 15000. 

With its capacity of 212 Liters. Which best works for your family.

Samsung is giving a warranty of 10 years on the compressor and one year on the product.

It is an inverter technology compressor, so that produces less noise.

Its smart digital enables the refrigerator to connect the inverter when there are power cuts.

It stands without any need to buy the new stand. 

Toughened glass, super freeze zone, bottle gourd helps you to keep up to 2 ltr bottle.

Anti Bacterial gasket is a standard feature to keep the freezer clean. I suggest you check with this product because of the 212 Liters capacity.

samsung 212 l 3 star

Price: 14,990/-

What is Good

  1. Inverter Compressor which helps in improving the performance by reducing noise
  2. Toughened Glass
  3. Smart connect to the inverter
  4. Big bottle Guard
  5. Fresh Room Area for milk and desserts
  6. Anti Bacterial Gasket

What is Bad

  1. Requires Manual Defrosting

3. Whirlpool 3 Star Refrigerator 190 Litre Single Door

If you are looking to bring a stylish model of whirlpool refrigerator to your home, then try this. Its the one of the

It is a direct cold refrigerator. When we look into the warranty, it is one year on product and ten years for its compressor.

If the power cuts it will keep your food items it locks fresh up to 9 hours

Its toughened shelves manufactured to hold the items easily without compromising.

You need to worry about buying a new stabilizer. 

It made with built-in stabilizer technology. So it merely handles the low and high voltages.

There is an ample space provided to keep your water bottles in there are two racks that help to cool up your water.

The body of this whirlpool fridge manufactured with steel so that it will go on for a longer time.

The color variant Twilight Fiesta looks right and most selling products.

whirlpool 190 l 3 star base stand

Price: 12,490/-

What is Good

  1. Toughened Glass
  2. Base Stand With Drawer to Put Potatoes and Onions
  3. Direct Cool System
  4. Jumbo Bottle Pack
  5. Advance Moisture Slider

What is Bad

  1. Manual Defrosting

4. Samsung 192 Litre Single Door Refrigerator 3 Star 

This Samsung 3 star Refrigerator is one best variant and which is highly rated by its customers. 

When you check about the details of Samsung, the first thing you will get is the best customer service.

You can quickly contact and get the required details at your convenient time.

While discussing this product, it comes with the two shelves which made with the toughened glass.

Its inverter compress technology helps in reducing noise and improving the efficiency of the fridge. 

Its advanced digital inverter technology keeps adjusting as per the temperature so that the compressor will run without any tears. 

An Led interior Light is durable and works for a long time.

2- 3 members family can easily use it to keep the food fresh.

The color of this variant is red. It looks stylish eye cached. 

Its door design looks like a double door refrigerator. 

A large Vegetable box provided to store all your vegetables. 

When it comes to this box, it comes with more space, so it helps you to find as per the daily requirements.

For safety, a locking system provided in its handle. so you can keep out the junk food to your children

Best Refrigerator In India Below 15000

Price: 12,990/-

What is Good

  1. Inverter Compressor for lower the noise
  2. Toughened Glass
  3. Clean Back
  4. Stylish Design

What is Bad

  1. Manual Defrosting

5.Whirlpool 200 Liter Refrigerator – 3 Star.

Its High capacity of 200 Litre storage useful to keep all your food items.

As it comes with the specification of a single door, hence it is required manual defrosting.

If your family is below three members, it is one well suited as the standard features.

 Such as an antibacterial gasket, Chiller tray, moisture lock-in technology are plus points for this product.

This variant comes with the Wine Iris color, which is beautiful in looking.

It consumes a voltage of 230 Volts. 

A pedestal is a unique feature in this 200 Liter Variants, 

Its cooling retention technology keeps the fridge cool up to hours. 

Warranty is ten Years on the product and one year on its compressor. 

We suggest you go for this product without any further thinking. 

Whirlpool 200 Liter Refrigerator

Price 13,400/-

What is Good

  1. Stylish Design
  2. Best in Ice Making
  3. Cooling Retention up to 12 hours
  4. Anti-Fungal Gasket

What is Bad

  1. Manual Defrosting

6 Godrej Refrigerator Single Door 3 Star – 200 Litres

Godrej is one of the best companies. If you are going to choose the refrigerator in Godrej, it is the right one.

When it comes to the capacity of 200 Litres, it gives you more space to store all your food items.

It is better for the families with 2 to 3 members when it comes to its details; it is rated 3 stars by BEE for the year 2019.

You need to manually defrost as it does not come with the automatic system as per the budgetary requirement.

For Handing the Front Door, a handle provided on the left-hand upside 

The shelves come with the wired. These will look nice and hold the weights without any issues.

Its glass shelves made to hold up to 120 KG weights per each.

A Jumbo-sized vegetable tray facilitates you to keep all the vegetables and fruits in it. 

With its large bin, you can easily find the required things for daily preparation.

A 2.25 Liter Aqua Space holds your large type of water bottles and refreshing drinks.

A chiller tray which holds up five numbers of water bottles 1 liter each can always give you chill water 

Aroma Lock is an extra feature which locks the cold to keep your food items fresh for 24 hours.

Antibacterial-gasket and door lock are some cool features in this model.

godrej 200 L 3 star single door


What is Good

  1. Jumbo Vegetable Tray
  2. Anti Bacterial Gasket
  3. 2.24 L Aqua Space
  4. Aroma Lock
  5. Chiller Tray

What is Bad

  1. Require Manual Defrosting

7. Godrej Single Door Refrigerator with 3 Star -190Litre

Thinking for the best refrigerator below 15000? 

Then choose this Godrej single door fridge with the best under the capacity of 190 Litres.

Its better suites for all the families, especially 2-3 members.

A Direct cooling system is a technology used for the Fridge.

Its rated 3 stars for the energy-saving efficiency.

Buying a separate stand is not required. 

The Royal Blue of this variant looks very beautiful and in an attractive design.

Sufficient space in the vegetable tray will keep vegetables for a week.

Antimicrobial resistance makes your fridge fresh and bacteria-free.

Functional space in the chiller tray can hold your one water bottle up to 5 litres.

Sufficient and convenient space in the crisper tray can hold all vegetables for one week.

Toughened Glass used in this is the best in the quality and performance, which is the ideal one to bear the weights up to 121kgs.

As a part of manufacturing, it does not need to purchase the stand.

When it comes to the stabilizer, this Godrej fridge comes with the inbuilt stabilizer. It is ready to defeat the voltage changes.

As a part of the warranty, it is ten years on the compressor, and one year is a warranty for the product.

This Go environment-friendly as it is worth the price by considering the above features.

godrej 190L 3 star

Price: 11,990/-

What is Good

  1. Jumbo Vegetable Tray
  2. Anti Bacterial Gasket
  3. 2.24 L Aqua Space
  4. Aroma Lock
  5. Chiller Tray

What is Good

  1. Require Manual Defrosting
  2. Makes Noise

8.Whirlpool 190L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator.

This black sparkle refrigerator looks good with its modern design.

 It comes with the base stand and, which you can keep your vegetables like potatoes and onions.

 Well-Equipped glass shelves are always ready to hold your food items.

  A modern and latest design of its front attracts the design of your home.

You can also keep your beverages in the aqua space separately provided,

 in that, you can easily keep the 2-liter bottles up to 3 numbers without any adjustment.

A slider with the advance moisture system helps in maintaining freshness for a long duration.

It works without the stabilizer, so you need to look for the stabilizer to purchase.

We need defrost, as it does not have the automatic operation for it.

The significant features are cooling retention, which means your freezer maintains cold if any power cuts.

Ideally, it is well suitable for your family with 2-3 members.

whirpool 190 L 3 star base stand black

Price: 12,990/-

Wha is Good

  1. 9 Hours cooling retention
  2. Anti-bacteria gasket
  3. Dedicated chiller racks
  4. Extra cold freezer
  5. Large vegetable crisper
  6. Additional space for non-refrigerator like onions and potatoes
  7. Without stabilizer operation

What is Bad

  1. Manual defrosting
  2. Makes noise 

9.LG 190 Litre 3 Star Refrigerator -Single Door Direct Cool

While checking in the 3-star variants, we can find one of the best single door refrigerators under 15000 in the LG.

It is also an excellent product to choose at this time for your family of 2 to 3 members.

The best feature in this variant is the smart inverter compressor, which is best in reducing the noise

It comes with the intelligent connect technology; 

with this, the refrigerator automatically connects to your inverter when there are power cuts.

An ice-making process is faster. It takes too little time for ice making. 

The time for ice making is below 2 hours.

The antibacterial gasket helps to maintain your machine clean with the removable gasket.

Lattice-type veg box keeps all your vegetables fresh with the moisture.

lg 190 L 3 star

Price: 13,690/-

What is Good

  1. Consume for less electricity
  2. without stabilizer

What is Bad

  1. Manual defrosting

Best 2 star Refrigerator under 15000 – Single Door

In case you are not satisfied with the performance of 5 stars, 3 and 2-star refrigerators. 

You can go with the 2 stars there is no wrong in choosing the 2 stars there is a slight difference in energy consumption.

The features will increase when it comes to the 2-star refrigerators under 15000 range.

 I again remember you about these rating which is not given by the buyers or reviewers. The score is from BEE.

We found multiple refrigerators online and offline; 

hence we listed a few them which are best in usability for right now and later.

We have chosen the best and listed for your information.

1.Samsung 192 Litre 2 Star Single Door Refrigerator Direct Cool ( with Drawer)

This Samsung Single Door Refrigerator is the one with a stylish door, which is an eye-catching looking with its colorful design.

When checking about its performance, its sturdy glass shelves can hold your cooking pots, marrows without compromising.

The Glass shelves can easily hold up to 150 kg of weight. You can keep your dishes to preserve the freshness of your food items. 

Its Vegebox ideal for keeping more vegetables. 

As it is significant, you can easily access the I for your daily food preparation.

A base stand drawer can help you to put your items giant vegetables like potatoes and onions. 

It will not give any cooling to these items. 

The items are not required to keep in the Fridge; hence it helps you in keeping these items set to your room’s temperature.

Its safe gasket can help in keeping your food items fresh with scheduled cleaning of the gasket.

With the locking system, you can lock your refrigerator for the safety of your use.

samsung 192 L 2 star with drawer

Price: 14,279/-

What is Good

  1. Benefit for ten years compressor warranty
  2. Additional space for extra drawer like potatoes onions
  3. Without stabilizer operation
  4. Antifungal gasket

What is Bad

  1. Manual defrosting

2.Samsung Single Door Refrigerator with 2 Star – 192 Litre.

This Samsung drawer comes without the drawer so that it does not hold the vegetables like onions and potatoes comparing with the above top refrigerator.

The color lily red is a clean and crisp design that gives an exceptional appearance to its door.

It required manual defrosting for the economical

Toughened glasses can hold your food pots and dishes. Ideally, this made for the family of members 2-3.

In this variant, you need to buy any stand for it separately. 

The characteristic features like an antifungal gasket. A crisper with sufficient space to put the vegetables.

As well as a safe, clean back which prevents the absorption of dust, you can clean the end of this top refrigerator.

samsung 192 L 2 star lily red

Price: 12,640/-

What is Good

  1. Stabilizer free operation
  2. Stylish crown design
  3. Toughened glass shelves
  4. Clean back

What is Bad

  1. Manual defrosting

What is My Favourite Refrigerator in the Above List?

I have analyzed multiple refrigerators from different companies that are suitable for you in the budget of 15000.

I listed the best items in the above list hence I am very much interested in the few things like a whirlpool, Samsung and LG

The interest of the people may change if the budget is low; it might be in the price range of nearly 11000.

If you are serious about the features, without any compromise, your desired item is in the list of above 14k-15K.

We have done this with the intent of the BEE rating. 

If you go for a 5-star rating, it is ideal for saving energy and reducing your electricity charges.

After that 4 stars also slightly different about energy-saving when it comes to the comparison of electricity bills.

It is my favourite list that you will also fall in love to purchase.

In the 5 Star Refrigerators.

1.Whirlpool Refrigerator 190 Litres.

2. LG 190 Litres.

In the 4 Star Refrigerators.

  1. Whirlpool Refrigerator
  2. Samsung
  3. LG

In 3 Star Refrigerators

  1. LG
  2. Whirlpool
  3. Samsung.

I have mentioned above, which can be purchased if I am going to buy the refrigerator within the 15000.

Hence we have already purchased Whirlpool 5 Star Refrigerator before one year.

What is the process of Installation of the Refrigerator?

After receiving your favourite refrigerator at home, it does not require any help with the installation from the company technicians. 

You just need to uncover and place it in your hall, kitchen, bedroom as per your convenience. 

I suggest you check the item once you unbox because of any damages or scratches that might happen while in the transportation. 

Most of the online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart accept the replacement of the items fort ten days.

If you find any damages or defects, you can place the replacement.

How to Contact the Sellers? 

Some times your refrigerator might require support from its seller. You can quickly contact with the help of the below numbers.

I suggest you reach out in the working hours. Few sellers may not have the executive support for 24 hours.

  1. Whirlpool 1800 208 1800
  2. Samsung 1800 40 726 7864
  3. LG 1800 315 9999
  4. Haier 1800 102 9999

The above contact numbers are Toll-Free numbers.

Safety Measures and Using Guidance.

I am not just suggesting you buy the products. I very much care about the safety of the use of electronic items. 

The below suggestion helps you to stay safe with the operation and increase the life cycle of 

Your washing machine.

  1. Keep the space between the wall and refrigerator. A compressor is the central part of the washing machine, which generates heat. It placed back on the device.
  2. Use Earthing, Means that there are 3 type connections from your switchboard to the refrigerator,           

the fridge can run without the 3rd wire, but I suggest you place an earthing by contact the electrician

 it will protect from the short circuits

  1. Setting the DP point, which is auto cut the power when there is a short circuit
  2. Don’t Keep Warm items if you keep hot things like milk and other food items. The performance of the machine will reduce.
  3. Keeping the door open for a long time will cause a decrease in performance.

 If the door opened for a long, then it requires more energy to keep the cool of the machine.

Don’t compromise in buying the stabilizer as per the capacity if it is required.

FAQs about Best Refrigerator Under 15000.

  1. What is the best refrigerator to buy with a budget of 15000 Rs?

    Whirlpool is the ideal one that comes under the budget of 15000 for your small family of 2-3 members.

  2. Are there any Best Double Door Refrigerators available under 15000?

    Yes, Whirlpool, LG and Haier companies refrigerators are available under the price of 15000  

  3. Are there any Best Double Door Refrigerators available under 15000?

    No, it is not possible to get the best double door refrigerators below 15000Rs.

  4. Is Whirpool Refrigerator below 15000 is ideal for the small family?

    Yes, If you choose the refrigerator in the whirlpool below the price of 15000, it serves your family of 2 to 3 members.

Best Refrigerator Under 15000 -Updated List 2020 1

I am Raj, Founder of the Review Smart Website. The idea start when i was searched to get the best fan for my house. after that i thinked to start a blog and analysed for the multiple products and its prices.

Now i am infront of You with the knowledge of the price, quality and other features of various products, i am suggesting all these products and services to you, that i would choose when i go for the purchase.

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